Thursday, February 08, 2007

Chinese New Year is coming!

Another 10 days and it's Chinese New Year. I can't remember when, but I have since come to dread this celebration.

There's cleaning to be done. That I've done half way. There's shopping to do. And I haven't started. There's relatives to visit......... {sigh}

Every year on the 1st day of the Chinese New Year we will go to Muar to hang out with my mum's side of the family. This bunch of relatives I quite like, but that town is soooooooooo hot! When we get into my aunt's house at about 12 noon, it's already hot enough to make you perspire the moment you step into the house.

1 hour later, it starts to feel like an oven. 2 hours laters, you feel like you are in an oven. 3 hours later, you feel like you're going to be cremated. 4 hours laters you feel like you're in hell.

But those Muar people just doesn't seem to feel the heat. Maybe they are actually Martians.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I can't remember my own blog!

I just remembered that I had a blog. But I couldn't remember what it called, or even what my login name was. That is not a good sign.

School holidays start this afternoon. Even the kids are released early. Now I have a whole week without anywhere to put the kids. Otherwise I have to bring them to the office and they are going to create havoc there.

One option is to go on a holiday. Where can I go that needs very little money, that is near, have easy access to food, no need to pack lots of clothes and what not? HOME. Trouble is that kids are extremely energetic during the holidays, and making them stay at home is not a good idea.

Maybe I should just buy a PS2 and let them stay at home and play. Too addictive--can't stop them from playing later. Maybe make them polish and wax the van. Oh, I did that already, and they didn't do a good job. Make them paint the house. Actually I did do that last New Year. It work only for #1.

I've got to think of something fast. In one hours' time they'll be out, and I have to do something!!! Arrrrghhhhh!!!!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The last time I posted was somewhere in March. Phew! That's quite some time ago.

Somebody said that children are God's blessings. That's cool. But why do they have to be so expensive? Their upkeep, I mean. I just changed the 3 boys from one nursery/kindie to another one which is further from my house, more expensive (double the price), and have shorter hours, and follow the school holidays. Their school fees alone cost me RM1422 a month, as opposed to Rm880 before. What did I put myself into???

The good part however, is that they all LOVE this new kindie called Tadika Permata Pintar. I don't have to nag, coerce or blackmail them to go to school every morning. The teachers are really patient with them, don't use canes and they always keep their voices even. No shouting and screaming like in the previous kindie. That is a real blessing because kids that shout in school tend to come home shouting too.

The afternoons are a different program called Bright Sparks. It's a creativity program, totally non-academic and I don't really know what they do, apart from the water play, and the kids really really want to stay back for it.

Anyway, they are happy to go to school, so I guess the money's well spent. I just need to up my income, that's all.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Who's the Boss

I just realized one great thing about being your own boss--you can decide what music is being played on the piped-in music for the office.

When I come into the office and the staff have been playing some music I don't appreciate, they will immediately turn it off. When I put on my kind of music, everybody has to listen to it! Hahahaha!!!!

The song being played now is Si Tu Me Amas by Il Divo, from their second album Ancora. I simply love this song. Makes me swoon every time I hear it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Leonard's Quote of the Day-Jan 10, 2006

"Mum, you clear up the place, make it nice, then you can have a good sleep."

Monday, January 09, 2006

Leonard's Quote of the Day -- Jan 9, 2006

"Mom, you smell like a nice banana. "

Lucas' Words of Wisdom -- Jan 6, 2006

If you want to bang into the wall, don't pull your handbrakes.

Friday, November 18, 2005


November 18, 2005

Nov 11—MIL’s lung X-ray showed she had secondary cancer. Dr. C sent her for a CT scan on her torso, but no signs of primary cancer was seen.

After seeing the CT scan, Dr. C concluded that more scans are needed, and sent her for MRI on the brain. It showed a brain tumor the size of a golf ball.

According to Dr. C, and also Dr. P, the neurosurgeon, a surgery is needed immediately to remove the tumour, otherwise it could pressed so much into her brain that she could just fall into coma anytime, or get unconscious and just fall down and God knows whatever can happen.

But she needed to go through tests and see if her body can take the surgery. Since it’s already Saturday afternoon, and nothing much can be done, Sexydad suggests that she be admitted on Monday and to have the tests done after admission. So they gave her some steroids to slow the tumour growth.

Nov 12—MIL’s kids (excluding Sexydad) still arguing over whether MIL should go for the surgery. Who’s going to pay, they asked. Who’s going to take care of her after the operaton, they asked. How much is it going to cost, they asked. Who’s going to the pay? Again they asked. We cannot force #1 to take care of Mother, they say. Hello??? Did anybody mention asking #1 to take care of Mother? Why bring up that issue if it’s not you people knowing #1 does nothing the whole day, and has all the time in the world to do something—like taking care of his mother.

Had dinner with Dr. S, and they asked him if MIL should go for the surgery. He said the same thing as Dr. P—let her do the tests and see if she’s capable of it. Then Dr. P will give his advice.

Sexydad told them that if the tests show she can have the surgery, then she should have it. And if none of them wants to pay the bill, he will pay for it. All of it. SIL #4 showed a sour face.

Nov 13—MIL’s kids want a 2nd opinion. 4 doctors have already seen her (1 GP, 1 Geriatric specialist, 1 Oncologist, and 1 Neurosurgeon). I thought after 4 is 5. Ah well, some people just can’t count.

Go to another hospital to see another neurosurgeon, and his opinion was the same as Dr. P. Some people just have too much money to spend. And too much ego too.

Nov 14—MIL still at home, with her children still don’t want to decide. Ultimately I think they want somebody to make the decision for them. So that if anything happens they can point finger.

Nov 15—BIL #4 came to the house to see Sexydad over the surgery. They have decided that MIL will go for the surgery. And all children will contribute to the cost. Sexydad told them again that if it’s just a matter of cost that they’re delaying her admission to the hospital, then he will pay for all of it.

Nov 16—MIL got admitted to hospital for tests. Will undergo surgery on the next day at 10.30am. Surgery will take about 3-4 hours.

Nov 17—MIL sodium level too low. They had to raise it. But raising it too much might also cause her blood pressure to rise. So a balance they seeked.

MIL went for the surgery today at 10.30am. Operation was successful, and they were able to wake her up after the surgery. God willing, she will be better after this, and we will find a way to treat her lung cancer.

Are They Having A Party?

November 9, 2005

Uncle Eng passed away last night. So had to go to Singapore with Mum to attend the funeral. Initially decided to leave all the boys with Sexydad, but felt “kesian” for him, so brought Lucas along with me.

We took the Delima Express, and Lucas fell asleep about 5 minutes into the journey. He’s good when it comes to traveling—journey start he sleeps; before journey ends he wakes up. No trouble.

Reached Singapore and took a cab to St. Joseph’s Church in Bukit Timah. They had a chapel there for funeral services. Nice name—Chapel of Resurrection.

It was almost 8pm when we reached there. As we were walking towards the chapel, we could see lots of people, flowers, microphone, lectern, lights etc…..

And Lucas asked me, “Are they having a party?”

Ha!!! This boy has the knack for asking questions that are correct to my mind, but would be wrong if I said “yes” in polite society.

To me having the wake, giving your reflections on the person life, achievement etc, is a celebration. So, yeah, it’s a party. He’s an old man who has led a busy and fruitful life, has a fantastically kind and generous wife, a daughter who’s highly successful in what’s she’s doing, and two grandkids with another to come. I think celebrating his passing is a tribute to him.

But if I were to tell Lucas that yes it’s a party, then he’ll probably start singing some “Ho ho ho it’s magic…. you know………..” and get both of us lots of stares. So I said. “Urrrr…..not really, dear.”

When it's time for my funeral, I want them to have a reason to celebrate.

Reptile Encounter -2

October 31, 2005

Even though he had his visit to the Reptile Encounters yesterday, it wasn’t enough for Leonard. *Sigh*………

So he’s bugging me to go again, because “They have tigers there Mummy! Your favourite animal! You can play with them!” *sigh*……………….

“I don’t like snakes, Leonard.”

“But you likes tigers. They have tigers there, Mum! I want to play with the tigers.”

Sexydad was keen to the #2 and #3 see the snakes too—“They are going to be men. They can’t afford to be afraid.” No wonder he’s so stressed up—so much expectation of himself in this life.

Off we go to MITC, me getting more and more jittery and tensed as we get nearer the place. Thankfully the show was in a corner of this great big hall, so you could avoid it if you want.

Since the kids had free tickets from their nursery, off they went to into the show. I stood about 20 feet away from that place and one guy tried to sell me a phone that offers cheap calls. Prepaid and you need to buy their phone. Not my kind of deal.

Anyway, the kids had their fun and came out. Leonard again went to the jar of snakes and took them out to play. Little pythons, I was told.

According to Sexydad, when they were in the enclosure, Laurenz played with a rare species of tortoise/turtle (can’t remember). It being exotic, the girl in charge was worried of its welfare and tried to take it back from Laurenz. But this cheeky little fella refused to give it back. He held the tortoise behind his back and claimed, “It’s mine! Daddy buy for me! OH MY GOD!!!! I swear I did not teach him to do anything like that!!

Luckily nothing happened to the turtle. And he handed the tortoise back to the girl after some persuasion. Otherwise I’d be RM500 poorer.